If you ‘Boost’ your Facebook posts – you could be wasting your money

If you use Facebook for your business, you’ve probably boosted some of your Facebook Posts. Well, here’s some news for you – you could be wasting your money.

Yes – “Boost Post” offers a quick and easy way to spend your marketing money and reach more people.

As organic reach gets continually watered down due to Facebook continuously changing the rules, many page owners Boost posts to get their messages to their audiences because it’s fast and easy. But that doesn’t mean it’s smart.

What you may not realize is Facebook optimizes your campaigns depending on which objective you choose – Website Clicks, Website Conversions etc. But if you boost a post, Facebook always optimizes just for post engagement (likes, shares, comments…etc.).

Facebook wants to show you a lot of likes and engagement, but that doesn’t mean results and so it might ruin your overall campaign.

For example, if your promoting an event and want to sell tickets. If you choose to advertise on both Mobile News Feed and Desktop News Feed, Facebook might, unfortunately, push 99% of your advertising budget to the mobile news feed option (because it’s less expensive than Desktop News Feed), regardless of whether it’s getting you what you want, which is sales.

From our experience, even if a website is mobile-friendly – which it should be! – the conversion rate on mobile is usually 2 to 3 times lower than desktop. Mobile conversion tends to be lower because it’s not as convenient to fill in sign-up information on handheld devices. So, you’ll be getting lots of mobile traffic that doesn’t convert at all or converts poorly.

And don’t forget Instagram.

You can now run Instagram advertising from Facebook Ad Manager. You can’t do this with “Boost Post.”

For engagement we suggest adding Instagram as an ad placement (always disable right side column) so you can get likes on Instagram and reach those who aren’t on Facebook.

Fabianca is a Bahrain based digital marketing agency. For a FREE 30 minute private strategy session about social media management for your business visit Fabianca.com or call +973 36 188 100.

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